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Vivo Y33T complete review and guide upcoming MOBILE 

Vivo Y33T
Posted by Missam Abbas

Vivo Y33T complete review and guide upcoming MOBILE-Today we are going to talk about the new Vivo mobile called Vivo Y33T. I will guide you completely about this mobile and tell you all its features.

Vivo Y33T
Vivo Y33T

As you know Vivo Mobile is a very big company. This company always adds technology to the market every year. You guys have increased its advanced technology this year. You will see this year in the new mobile market.

The one that is coming is very beautiful and the funniest thing about it is the Mobile 5G. The company continues to advance in its technology every year.

This year too it has to step into its technology and launch in a very good mobile market and it will soon be available for you to see.

Vivo Y33T Price In Pakistan

Vivo Y33T Price In Pakistan 48000

If we talk about the price of this mobile then the price of this mobile is 48000 rupees. What I have told you about the money for this mobile is the same price as this mobile in Pakistan that I have told you.

Vivo Y33T Launch Date

Vivo Y33T Launch Date 2022, March 31

It is coming to the Vivo Y33T mobile market very soon if I talk about the upcoming date of this mobile. So this mobile will come in the third month of the year 2022 in March.

You will see it in the market very soon because there are a lot of people who come up with new models every year. If you wait, this year too you will see this model very soon.


Vivo Y33T PROCESSOR Snapdragon 680 4G

When it comes to the processor of this model of Vivo Mobile Vivo Y33T, the processor of this mobile is also very good. Its processor is Snapdragon 680 4G.


Vivo Y33T PROCESSOR Screen size is 6.58

And if we talk about the screen size of this new mobile Vivo Y33T, its screen size is very high and very nice. Its screen size is 6.58. Its size is very large.


Vivo Y33T BATTERY 5000 mAh

You know that everyone who buys a new mobile phone first looks at the battery of this mobile to see how much it is. If we talk about the battery of this new mobile then its battery is 5000 mAh. Is very high, it can stay on your mobile for one to two days, you can take your work from it.



The way you know that nowadays most of the people buy good and high-quality mobile phones so that their mobile camera is good. Newcomers are looking at mobile phones and people are buying mobile phones that have good cameras.

People are very fond of taking pictures. If we talk about the camera of this new mobile phone today, then this mobile. The camera is very beautiful and this camera is very good. This is the camera of this mobile 50MPA.



If we talk about the storage of this new arrival mobile of Vivo then the memory of this new arrival mobile has 8 GB RAM along with 128 GB memory. This mobile has grown a lot more than the previous mobiles because we will see very good features in it and the story of this mobile is also very high and good.

Vivo Y33T Network

Vivo Y33T Network 5G

If we talk about this mobile in terms of network, then its network is 2G 3G 4G 5G.



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