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Samsung a32 price in Pakistan 2022

Samsung a32
Posted by Missam Abbas

Samsung a32 price in Pakistan 20220-Today we are going to talk in this article about Samsung mobile a32. I am going to tell you about the price of this mobile in Pakistan.

Samsung a32
Samsung a32

The way you know this company has a big brand and the mobiles that come from this company are bought in a very large market. If we talk about it, it brings a new mobile market every year. This is a great brand.

It continues to advance its technology every year. If we talk about this year, this year too it has increased its technology by launching a new Samsung model which you will soon see in the market and its The feature is that they are very best.

This Samsung mobile company is very famous all over the world and its mobiles are the most bought. There are some that we don’t get to see so much in other mobiles but the network of this mobile is also much better.

You know that thousands of people are waiting for the new mobile every year for a new model to come this year and we bought it. If we talk about this new mobile then a lot of people were waiting for it. When will the new model of the company come and what will it be like? You will see it in the market very soon and you will be able to buy it.

Samsung a32 price in Pakistan

Samsung a32 price in Pakistan 39999 rupees.

If we talk about the price of this mobile then the price of this Samsung mobile in Pakistan at present is 39999 rupees and also if we talk about it in USD dollar then its price at that time was 248$.

Samsung a32 Memory

Samsung a32 Memory 128GB Built-in, 6GB RAM  

If we talk about the storage of this new mobile then the memory it has is better than the previous mobile that this mobile has this much memory 128GB Built-in, 6GB RAM.

Samsung a32 SCREEN SIZE

Samsung a32 SCREEN SIZE 6.4 Inches  

Talking about its screen, the screen size of this new mobile is also very high because you know that every person who buys a new mobile buys a mobile with a big screen. So that’s the size of the screen 6.4 Inches.

Samsung a32 Battery

Samsung a32 Battery 5000mAh

If we talk about the battery of this new Samsung mobile phone then its battery is 5000mAh which is a lot of discussions. You know that most people always have a good mobile. They buy because their battery is much better.


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